Bay Area Young Adult Sangha

BAYAS Email List

Our email mailing list, which began with a few names collected after retreats at Spirit Rock, has now grown to include over 1200 members. It is an excellent place to make announcements of interest to our local young adult Buddhist community.

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Email List Posting Guidelines

The central mission of the BAYAS email list is to provide a forum for Buddhist practitioners in their 20's and 30's to communicate with one another about the following dharma- and sangha-related topics:

* Conversations and questions about Buddhist dharma teachings and practice, especially about topics with special relevance to practitioners in their 20's and 30's
    For example:
      - practice in daily life
      - retreats and intensive practice
      - finding right livelihood
      - relationships and sexuality
      - teachings and precepts regarding ethics

* Building connections within our young adult Buddhist community
    For example:
      - sangha parties, potlucks, hikes, and movie nights
      - housing opportunities sought and offered in meditation-friendly households
      - you are going to an event and would like to go together with other young adult dharma folks

* Buddhist dharma-related announcements of special interest to our young adult sangha
    For example:
      - upcoming retreats, teachings, and sitting groups
      - sharing current dharma-related news or information

To help the BAYAS list better serve the local young adult Buddhist community, please refrain from posting the following types of messages:

* Promotion of non-Buddhist dharma related events or services
      Part of what gives the BAYAS list unique value and relevance is its specific focus on the local young adult Buddhist community.     
* Frequently repeated announcements of similar Buddhist- or community-related events or information
      For similar postings to be repeated more than 5-6 times per year, please consider inviting folks to join your own separately maintained mailing list.